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Chicken Enchiladas with Green Chile Sour Cream Sauce

My awesome friend Jen came over today and watched my little girl for me (yes, I have a lot of friends named Jennifer).  So I invited her to join us for dinner. Usually, as a rule of thumb, I do not try out new dishes with guests. What if it didn’t taste good?  Then I would be completely embarrassed that I served it to a guest.  But I’ve been feeling bold, so I decided to try out a new recipe for Chicken Enchiladas with Green Chile Sour Cream Sauce:


This was another recipe I found when a Pinterest Pin led me to Food Gawker:  I’ve been really excited about this one.


Jen kept me company in the kitchen while hubby took the sweet pea out to play.  Once again I baked the chicken, 350 for about 30 Minutes.  If there is a better way to cook the chicken, please feel free to comment. I baked it instead of sauteing it in the skillet because in the end I wanted to shred it for the enchiladas.  I knew if I cut it up in chunks, I wouldn’t be able to shred it.


When I first mixed in the flour and butter is clumped into a big, doughy ball. But once I mixed in the chicken broth and later the sour cream, everything smoothed out into a nice cream sauce.


A quick 30 minutes in the oven and the meal was ready!  And I have to say, that this is one of the best meals I’ve made from Pinterest.  If you are looking for creamy, chicken enchiladas, this is definitely the recipe to make.

Chicken Enchiladas with Salsa Verde

Three weeks ago a pin on Pinterest led me down the rabbit hole to a website called Food Gawker, This is a really cool site which collects and categorizes recipes.  While on the site I pinned a couple different meals, including Chicken Enchiladas with Salsa Verde Sauce: And today I decided was the day to try it out.

I’ve never made enchilada before.  in truth, I never had a real enchilada until i moved out to CA at 25. We don’t eat a lot of Mexican food in Ohio.  And I don’t think Taco Bell counts.  When I was dating my now husband, he took me out to eat at a little Mexican place.  He ordered a burrito and i probably ordered something familiar, like tacos.  I watched him enjoying his burrito and finally I asked, “What’s in a burrito?” He stopped and looked at me in  horror (so I made be exaggerating slightly) and said “You’ve never had a burrito before?” I shook my head and he insisted I try it.  From that point on, Mexican Restaurants became a favorite of ours.  Though, I have to admit, I usually order the same two things every time we go.

But I digress.

I picked up all the ingredients at Trader Joe’s, my favorite place to get groceries.  The recipe was really easy to follow.  I baked the chicken in the oven and upon completing, but together the enchiladas. After covering them with salsa verde, the baked for a quick 30 minutes.
The result?  Delicious enchiladas in the comfort of my own home. Hubby came home from work and was quite pleased.  He even did all the dishes!  This is definitely a dish to make again!