Menu Board

Pinterest is not just for food, my friends.  There are so many awesome crafts to be found.  So I started off by creating this Menu Board to help me with my mission.



I was inspired by this pin:   Let me tell you how I made this. First I stopped at Michaels and picked up supplies.  I didn’t have a specific theme in mind for this project, I just wanted to see what they had.  When I found these super cute fruit clothespins, I was in love.  I narrowed it down to the apples and pears, but there were others to choose from.  I picked up a couple different sheets of scrapbooking paper and letters in reds and greens.

When I arrived home, I pulled out my stash of paper and stickers to see what I had that would compliment my new purchases.  I came across a pad of themed scrapbooking glitter paper with the cooking theme.  I cut out the cute sayings and used them as stickers.  Like the original pinner, I used a crayon box to hold my meal tickets.  But instead of a photo frame, I just used a piece of heavy duty cardboard and a hot glue gun.

I thought it turned out really cute.  It has a bit of a country flair to it, which just works.  I like bright, primary colors, so my kitchen is filled with multi colored plates, mixing bowls and cooking utensils, so color wise,  it just fit right in.



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