Root Beer Pulled Pork

My hubby loves the pulled pork from Trader Joe’s, so I’ve been looking for a similar recipe I could make at home.  I was intrigued when a friend of mine pinned Root Beer Pulled Pork  I repinned it immediately and a week later I was ready to give it a try.

Root Beer Pulled Pork is a crock pot meal, another bonus!  It is a dump and go meal.  Since Sundays are busy for us, I thought it would be a perfect day for a crock pot meal.  I used Hansen’s Root Beer and Trader Joe’s BBQ Sauce for the dish.

When we arrived home, I could smell the BBQ was burning.  I took a peak in the crock pot, and though I followed the directions and had an hour left to cook, the  BBQ along the sides of the crock pot was indeed burning.  I scraped it out and tested the meat.  It looked cooked, so I turned off the crock pot and decided to serve dinner a little early.
Truth be told, this dish was just so/so.  It could have been the BBQ I chose, which did have a bit of a quick at such a high quantity.  My hubby, who dumps Frank’s Hot Sauce on just about everything, even found it to be a little much.  So, if I decided to try this one again, I would try a different BBQ sauce with it and cook it for a shorter interval.  Though I am temped to just find another recipe on Pinterest for pulled pork.  There are a ton of them.



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