Lasagna Roll Ups

As soon as I spotted a pin for Lasagna Roll Ups, I knew it was meant to be:

I love Lasagna.  The only downfall is the long prep and hour of baking.  Lasagna roll ups only take 25-30 minutes to cook.  I was sold.

Being a non-cooker, I thought the prep for this recipe would take a long time.  But is wasn’t too bad.  I cooked the noodles according to the package.  While they were cooking, I mixed together the spinach, ricotta and other ingredients.  After the noodles were done, I laid them out on a cutting board and spread on the ricotta mixture. After rolling up each individual noodle, I placed them in my square baking dish. Once the dish was filled, I topped them with a jarred Vodka Sauce from Trader Joe’s.

30 minutes later, dinner was ready.  And the presentation is quite nice.  My husband was pleased.  This is DEFINITELY a “make again”!


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